earth angel interviews by sarah rebecca vine

I love being able to support earth angels to help spread their message and great work they are doing as well as their story!
Here are some interviews with inspirational earth angels who are up to wonderful things in the world.... more to follow!

Sarah Rebecca Vine

I was recently interviewed myself by MQuestTV and share these here. The interview is broken down into 3 short 10 minute segments and I talk about myself growing up, how I came to help earth angels, signs of earth angels, what is happening on the planet, the law of Karma and how earth angels can help themselves. I hope you enjoy these and that you are inspired.

Sue Cook, BSc (Hons) Lic LCCH

Interview with my dear friend Sue Cook. Sue is a neuro developmentalist, homeopath, goddess and dear friend of mine. We share more of Sue and have lots of laughs! I hope you enjoy this!
Find out more about Sue and the work she does here:

Jonathan Shaw

Sharing more from Jonathan's new ground breaking book - Decoding Pain: The Emotional Blueprint To Healing Your Chronic Pain, Jonathan helps explain pain, why you get it, what causes it and how to heal it in this interview.
I personally love and admire Jonathan's work... he has helped me so much personally plus my friends and family! This book really helped me understand myself and my body so much more and I am delighted to be able to share this with you!
Jonathan's website:

Suzanna Axisa

Suzanna shares her journey in how healing her own post traumatic past led her to work with 'creative heros' and is a go-to expert in showing how to use your innate creativity to change your life. Suzanna also shares how she became a channel for ascended master Lord Lanto, who was Lao Tzu in a previous life.
Suzanna offered free channelling for members of the Earth Angel Sanctuary from June until December 2016. Find out more about Suzanna here:

Jo Clarkson and Emmanuel

I am delighted to share the amazing Jo Clarkson, who has Ram Dass and an angel called Emmanuel (who speaks through him) as his close friends and teachers.
Jo shares how this came about and delivers a message from the angel Emmanuel for us all
Find out more about Jo and Emmanuel here:

Gina Gardiner

Inspiring interview with Gina Gardiner who after a life changing accident was confined to a wheelchair, all whilst being a head teacher of a primary school.
Gina saw this challenge as a blessing. Learning to walk twice as an adult, she used the opportunity to develop herself and empower others. Gina is also the author of a self-help book called 'Chariots On Fire' available from and Amazon.
Find out more about Gina here:

Tara Perlaki

Talking about sensitivity, intuition and magic, Tara Perlaki is an amazing kinesiologist and earth angel from the wise one, star and elemental realms.
Talking a little about her journey, Tara also shares with us a gentle but powerful Centering Technique anyone can do in a few minutes to put them back in their centre, especially helpful if feeling lost or disconnected.
Tara's website:
Tara has also recored her top Spiritual First Aid Techniques for members of The Earth Angel Sanctuary

Cynthia Sue Larson

I am delighted to share with you Cynthia Sue Larson, who is an author of 6 books including Quantum Jumps and Reality Shifts, has been featured on TV and is a Spiritual Coach.
Cynthia talks about some of her personal journey which she has never shared before and leads us all through an incredibly simple and powerful quantum jump meditation at the end which I just love!
Connect with Cynthia here:

Danica Apolline

I am delighted to share with you Danica Apolline who is a beautiful amazing soul, founder of the Conscious Cake Company and my Theta Healing Teacher! Danica shares some of her personal journey and how she received the biggest gift in what she lived through as a child.

Danica's websites:

Michelle Gordon

I am delighted to share with you Michelle Gordon who is an old soul and amazing author of the Earth Angel Series and Visionary collection. Michelle shares openly her journey and the stories behind the stories in this interview! We hope you enjoy it and find inspiration!

You can also read Michelle's first book in the Earth Angel series 'The Earth Angel Training Academy' at the Earth Angel Sanctuary

Michelle's website

Darryl Anne Mooney

I am delighted to share with you the inspirational Darryl Anne Mooney, who is currently healing herself from cancer after walking out of hospital when she was due to have a double mastectomy and choosing to research a totally natural non invasive route to healing this disease by healing within first.
Darryl now knows cancer was a blessing in disguise as she has healed everything that needed healing in her life.
She has set up a charity 'Orange Awareness Campaign' to support, inspire and help others with cancer in healing the natural way

Michael Addison

Here is an inspiration to every earth angel out there who has been given a 'label', Michael Addison, a healing movement specialist
Michael bares his soul and shares just some of what he has been through including nervous breakdowns, one which lasted 2 years, being diagnosed with clinical depression, bi-polar, schizoaffective disorder and severe osteoarthritis in both hips.
Michael shares how he has overcome all of this, what he learnt and simple techniques and mindsets that have helped him and which could help you too
I hope you love this interview as much as I do!
For more information on Michael, please visit his website:

Lisa Dorey

Here is the lovely earth angel Lisa Dorey, an 'Angelic Catalyst' and host of the Connecting With Angels telesummit.
I receive many emails from earth angels who want to be able to connect more with their own angels and in this interview Lisa shares some pearls of wisdom with us all in how to do so, I hope you enjoy it!

Tim Chante - Author of 'When The One Laughs'

Here is an interview with Tim Chante, one of the most down to earth and humble human beings I have ever met and new author of 'When The One Laughs'
(I was privileged to be one of the first people to read Tim's book and I personally loved it)
In this short interview Tim shares a little of his story, how his book came into being and how to get into our heart space.
We also laugh about Tim not having a belief system!
You can purchase Tim's new book on Amazon Kindle and visit his blog here

Jonathan Shaw - Decoding Pain

Here is a interview with Jonathan Shaw, founder of Decoding Pain.
Jonathan uses Meta Health to decode pain and give relief to people, often who have been told that nothing can be done.
He works with chronic pain and also specialises with Depression and Anxiety, which so many earth angels can suffer from.
Jonathan shares a little about his journey, explains more about 'Meta Health', talks about some myths around pain, how it can be created and how once you decode it, it can be cleared.
I hope that this interview will help you understand things a little better! Visit Jonathan's website here: or his facebook page for lots more information.
Jonathan has also very kindly agreed to offer 20 FREE 30 minute coaching sessions to earth angels, please make sure you quote 'earthangel' when contacting him!

Sue Cook

Here is a short interview I recorded with my friend and amazing Goddess Sue Cook, BSc (hons) Lic LCCH Health Sciences Homeopathy, a neurodevelopmentalist who specializes in spectrum disorders: dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, aspergers, ADHD, autism, mutism and more.
Sue works privately one to one in Essex, UK and also has products that are helping children and adults alike worldwide.
Visit Sue's websites here:, or her blog for lots more information

If you are an earth angel and would like to share your story to inspire others, please do get in touch here!

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